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Click for more detail A new community centre for North Kensington Corporate Services and Housing 07 Jul 2016 26 Nov 2016

The Wornington Green Estate, owned by Catalyst Housing Ltd (CHL), is undergoing major redevelopment. This includes the creation of new homes and improvements to the local park and play facilities.

The Council owns the freehold to the current community centre which is occupied by the Venture Community Association. The plans involve the demolition of the current community centre (to form part of the new park that is being planned) and the provision of a new community centre on Portobello Road.

Although it will be built by CHL, the Council will be the client for this part of the development and the freehold of the new building will be held by the Council. The new centre will be at least the same size as the current one. The detailed design, size and facilities to be provided in the new centre have not yet been decided, but will be subject to further consultation and a detailed planning application. The existing Centre will not be demolished until the new centre is ready.

The Council is keen to hear the views of stakeholders on what they would like to see offered in the new centre. Therefore a wide ranging consultation is taking place to gether views.


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