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Council Tax Reduction Scheme - Consultation


Council Tax Reduction helps residents on a low income to pay the Council Tax, by reducing their Council Tax bill.

Until 2013, Council Tax Reduction was a national scheme, and the reductions that people could receive were set by central government. Since then, each council has had the responsibility to specify its own Council Tax Reduction scheme for working-age residents (the scheme for pensioners is still set by central government).

Since 2013, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea's working-age Council Tax Reduction scheme has been based on the “Default Scheme” - a relatively generous scheme which is equivalent to the old national scheme. But for some residents, this scheme does not work very well, so the council is proposing to start a new scheme in April 2021.

What do we want to know?

You can read more about the proposals, and provide feedback by completely a short survey on the Council's website - by following this link


Consultation fieldwork start date31 July 2020
Consultation fieldwork end date13 September 2020
Results dueDue 27 November 2020


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