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Proposed closure of Spear Mews at the Junction with Earl’s Court Road

Some residents have requested the closure of Spear Mews at its junction with Earl’s Court Road, turning the Mews into a cul-de-sac. The Council has previously been of the view that the existing arrangements were sufficient.
However, more recently, some residents have advised us that there has been a marked increase in disruption in the mews caused by deliveries to local restaurants, and that large vehicles entering from Earl’s Court Road cause delays to traffic, as it is difficult to manoeuvre into the narrow Mews entrance there. There is a loading bay on Earl’s Court Road just south of the junction with Spear Mews.
We are therefore asking residents and businesses in the area whether they wish the Council to close Spear Mews at its junction with Earl’s Court Road.
What do we want to know?
Please email your response to and provide the following information:

1) Your name and address
2) Whether you are a resident, or a business
3) Whether or not you support the permanent closure of Spear Mews at its junction with Earl’s Court Road. This would turn Spear Mews into a cul-de-sac and mean that all traffic (except pedestrians and cycles) would have to enter and leave via Templeton Place.
Please also add any additional comments you may have on the proposal and let us know if you would like to be contacted with the results of this survey.
Please email your response to us no later than 17 August 2020.
Consultation fieldwork start date30 June 2020
Consultation fieldwork end date17 August 2020
Results dueDue 30 September 2020


Gary Wilson

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