Welcome to the Royal Borough's e-petitions facility

Petitions have long been an important way for people to voice their concerns and seek to influence decisions and the Council welcomes all submissions both traditional paper form and now, in our new e-petitions facility, electronically.

Use the menu on the right to search petitions – you can participate in all current live petitions, view a closed petition and its supporting documents, or login to create a brand new petition – either electronically or for paper distribution.

When making a petition please consider your audience - you can submit a combination of electronic and paper, or limit to either format. E-petitions in particular offer extra promotion opportunities, being able to distribute an email.

The Council takes into account and responds to all petitions it receives and handles each petition in accordance with its adopted Petitions Guidance.

Creating a petition

The 'Lead Petitioner' is the person who sets up a new petition on this webpage and decides:

  • the 'prayer' to the petition (what the petition asks the Council to do or not to do - in clear and precise words)
  • how long the petition should remain open for signatures (usually a month or two)
  • whether he would like the petition reported to a Scrutiny Committee or full Council if it attracts enough signatures (750 and 1,500 signatures respectively).

You will be our primary contact for the petition you create and who we will contact if any discussion is required, including before the petition goes public.

Signing a petition

To sign a petition you just need to add your email address, postcode and postal address. You will then receive a verification email, asking you to confirm your signature before it can go live. We will only use this email address again to inform you of the petition’s outcome.

Please note: names and postcodes of petitioners and signatories appear on the website.

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